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Almenni Pension Fund is a certified Pension fund by the Ministry of Finance.

  • Almenni is an open pension fund and is suitable for those who can select pension fund for the mandatory minimum pension contributions.
  • Almenni Pension fund is also the occupational pension fund for Architects, Doctors, Musicians, Technicians, and Tourist Guides.
  • The Annual General meeting is held annually in March/April.
  • At the annual meeting, amendments are made to the Articles of Association.
  • The Fund’s Board of Directors has six members elected at the Annual General Meeting

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Services to Fund Members

Almenni Pension Fund takes pride in providing excellent service and giving professional advice on pension issues.

  • Members can make an appointment with pension a adviser by phone, e-mail or through the website.
  • Telephone +354-510-2500
  • Email. If you have questions please send us an e-mail and we will answer as soon as possible. Click here to send an e-mail to our advisers.
  • Online information. Fund members can access the latest information on their rights and earned pension entitlements at Almenni Pension fund. Click here to sign in and view your pension statement.

Financial information

Financial information in English is available in the Annual Report (summary at the end) and is submitted at the Annual General Meeting. Almenni´s Fact Sheet is also published monthly. Click here to view the current Fact Sheet and here for the Annual Report.

Articles of Association

Click below to view Articles of Association for Almenni Pension Fund.

Click here to view Articles of Association for Almenni Pension Fund

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